Before you start a haphazard search for “auto repair near me,” know that if you’re in our area, you’re already in the right place for the help you need. Fortunately, if you are fastidious about car care, you can prevent serious issues from occurring by sticking to a routine maintenance schedule. Oftentimes catching something small before it becomes a big problem will save you money and time and preserve the health of your car in the long run.

Also, fortunately, the majority of repairs are not so serious. Here are some of the most common services we render and repairs we offer to our customers from our several locations through Arizona.

  1. Oil changes

You might not consider routine oil services to be a form of auto repair, but they are an indispensable component of auto care nonetheless. Changing your oil on a routine basis will help to ensure some of the following points.

  • Regular oil changes keep your engine cleaner and more efficient.
  • Regular oil changes extend the life of your engine and preserve many of its moving parts.
  • Routine oil changes can help preserve your gas mileage and save you money on fuel.
  • Routine oil changes and maintenance will help to ensure a smoother ride.
  • Changing the oil when necessary can help preserve the long-term value of your vehicle.
  • Your emissions should be clearer, all else being equal, with routine scheduled oil changes.

Also, there’s no single universal rule for how frequently you should get your oil changed. It was once suggested that a good average was about every 3,000 miles or so, but with modern synthetics, some mechanics say you can go up to around 5,000 or so between changes.

However, the type of engine, the frequency of use, the environment, and other factors will all affect oil life. To get a more accurate estimate of how frequently you should really change the oil in your car, call us or visit us at one of our locations and we’ll give you a personal take.

  • Tire rotations and alignment

Every so many thousand miles, in accordance with the level of use and the recommendations of the manufacturer, you will need to replace your vehicle’s tires. However, not all tire-related issues need to be solved with a replacement. If you experience any of the following issues, your vehicle may be in need of a tire rotation of an alignment service:

  • If you notice that one side of your tire’s treads is wearing out more quickly than the other, or that one side of the vehicle is experiencing uneven wear.
  • When your car starts to feel as if it is drifting or pulling to one side while you are driving, it may indicate uneven wear, and thus, that you need a rotation service.
  • A shaking, vibrating, or humming vehicle can indicate any of many issues, but sometimes the case is as innocuous as uneven tire wear that can be addressed with a rotation or alignment service.
  • Also, if you notice any more handling issues with your car, it can indicate, among other things, that your tires need to be rotated. If you’re unsure you can always bring your vehicle to us and we will diagnose the issue.

Remember, although these are signs that your vehicle may need some tire service, it’s beneficial to have your tires routinely serviced and rotated even if you don’t experience any of these symptoms. Scheduling this type of routine maintenance, like regular oil changes, will preserve the life of your vehicle, extend the lifespan of your tires, and preserve your fuel economy.

  • Battery testing and replacement

Your car’s battery ultimately provides power to everything from the engine to the air conditioning system and is the power source upon which your car relies. That’s why a car with no battery is ‘dead’ even if everything else is healthy.

The biggest sign that you need a new battery is that your current battery is old, but it isn’t the only sign. Many car batteries will last about three years, although some will last longer. Also, sometimes a battery will die without warning, but if you are witnessing any of the following, it’s time to have your battery tested and possibly replaced.

  • Dim or flickering lights (such as dash lights) can indicate a serious problem, but more often than not it just means your battery is flagging.
  • When your engine doesn’t start until it has turned over several times, there could be many problems – but most of the time, it means your battery is aging and will need to be replaced soon.
  • A check engine light can be an indicator of poor battery health.
  • If your car needs to be jumped a lot (because the battery dies frequently) it is likely a sign that your battery is struggling to hold the proper voltage and will soon need to be replaced.

There are many other signs of a failing battery in addition to these; call us up to learn about more of them!

  • HVAC services

It should be considered obvious that the first and most glaring sign that a car’s HVAC system needs attention is if it isn’t working. It’s rare, however, for a car’s air conditioning system to quit right out of the blue. One of the biggest signs that you need to take your car into an auto repair shop to check out the air conditioner is if the AC isn’t blowing as cool as it once did. However, here are some other signs that your HVAC system needs the attention of an auto repair technician:

  • If your air conditioner makes weird sounds, like squealing or squeaking, even if they only occur when you turn it on.
  • If you notice any weird smells when operating the air conditioner.
  • If you notice visible leaks or the compressor (under the hood) has frost on it, there’s a problem with the system.

Much of the time, AC service requires no more than a recharge of refrigerant, which can be done quickly, easily, and even affordably. Rarely, a vehicle may have an issue with the hoses in the system, or the compressor may have failed. Rest assured, we know what to look for to make the most practical and efficient repairs. Arizona is no place to be driving around without air conditioning!

  • Spark plug replacement (often billed as part of a “tune up”)

While much of the time an engine that is sluggish to start is a result of a dying battery, this is not always the case. It could be that your spark plugs have worn down and are not as efficient as they once were.

Replacing the spark plugs in a vehicle is a key step in tuning it up and restoring engine performance. Here are some signs that you need a spark plug replacement:

  • An engine that is slow to start and turns over sluggishly
  • Misfires may indicate worn down spark plugs
  • Rough idling
  • A loud engine
  • Worsening fuel economy may be attributable to worn spark plugs.

There are other indicators but these are some of the top ones. Additionally, replacing your spark plugs as needed will help preserve fuel economy, keep your engine running at peak performance, and help prevent damage to your catalytic converters.

Besides, if you’ve ever seen an old, brown, worn down spark plug come out of an engine, that’s enough to make you want to install fresh ones in your car.

  • Brake services

Brake services as part of a suite of “auto repair near me” will address the health of several different components of your brake system, including:

  • Rotors – Rotors are the metal portion of a disk brake against which pressure is applied (in the form of a brake pad) in order to slow the circular motion of the wheels and slow down the vehicle. These are more durable than pads and will typically last much longer, but they still periodically need to be serviced.
  • Pads or shoes – The pags are the components of disc brakes that press against the rotors, helping to stop the vehicle; conversely, brake shoes are the component in drum brakes that perform the same function of slowing down the vehicle. Pads and shoes wear out more frequently than rotors and so will need more frequent attention.
  • Calipers – Calipers contain the brake pistons, fluid, and pads. The calipers are like the housing that holds everything together, so a leaking caliper can be bad news.
  • Brake lines and fluid – The brake fluid is critical to the operation of the brakes and without it, a brake system will fail. The lines that carry the fluid, therefore, are equally important.

A full brake service will investigate, at minimum, each of these components of your brake systems to ensure their health.

  • Air and cabin filter replacement

Your engine’s air filter is one of the easiest pieces of your vehicle to service for the critical function it provides. It helps to ensure that only clean air is fed to your engine and helps improve both engine health and fuel economy. It, along with spark plug replacement, are two of the critical components of most tun ups.

Most vehicles, however, contain not only an engine air filter but also a cabin air filter. While the cabin air filter does not provide the same level of utility as the engine air filter, it does help to keep pollutants and irritants out of the cabin of a car. For people with allergies, sensitivities, or breathing problems, a clean cabin filter is a must.

Lucky for you, when you search “auto repair near me” and land on Borst Automotive, you’re landing on a provider that services both!

  • Emissions testing and repairs

Getting your emissions testing done ahead of schedule can (and probably will) save you some money and effort down the road. In 2017, in Arizona alone, 10% of cars failed their emissions testing.

A failed emissions test can result in costly repairs to address the issue. Identifying it ahead of time will save you down the line. Among the many things that can cause a failed emissions test are any of the following:

  • Worn spark plugs
  • A dirty air filter (see a pattern here?)
  • A check engine light that is on
  • A leaky gas cap (or a leak elsewhere in the fuel system)
  • Aging or damaged catalytic converters
  • There is too much fuel in the air/fuel mixture (a rich mixture) – this can also damage your catalytic converters over time.

There are many, many more factors that can adversely affect your emissions testing and cause a failure, but we test for many of them when you come to us for emissions testing – and if you fail, you could qualify for a variety of free repairs!

  • Check engine light testing and repairs

There are a ton of reasons that your check engine light might come on. While a check engine light will tip you off that something is amiss, it’s tough to know what it is without a diagnosis. Luckily, we will check your vehicle’s computer to determine what’s wrong, and if the light is faulty, we can fix that too!

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