5 Tips to Ensure Your Car’s Air Conditioning Works

The Arizona heat is upon us. Chances are you will be turning on the air conditioning sooner rather than later, if you haven’t already. The last thing you want to have happen is to walk outside to your vehicle in 100 ̊ weather, only to find that it is blowing warm air out of your vents. It’s better to have your car’s air conditioner inspected and tested before the first hot day.  

Below are 5 tips that you can do to check and make sure your air conditioning is working properly before it gets too hot:

Check Your Vents
Check your vents by turning your air conditioning on to the coldest setting. Make sure air is coming out of all your vents and that it is cold. 

Check Your Fan Speed
Turn on your air conditioning and adjust the fan speeds. You should have varied speeds from low to high.

Cabin Air Filter
Your cabin air filter acts as your car’s air system filter – much like the one you have at your house for your furnace/ac system. Check your car’s maintenance records to see when it was last changed. If it has been over a year you will need to get it replaced.

Remove Debris From Intake Vents
Along the exterior of your windshield is your car’s intake vents which brings in fresh air from the outside. Remove any debris, such as leaves, from this area by brushing it off. If debris is not removed from this area, it can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Listen For Unusual Noises
While the air conditioner is on, listen for any unusual noises coming from the dashboard or under the hood. Rattling can signify something broken or even something stuck in the vent.

If you find that after doing these 5 things that you’re still experiencing a loss of air flow or hot air, it’s time to bring it in and have an automotive technician look at it. We recommend that you have your air conditioner serviced annually, ideally before the summer starts.

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