Arizona is hot in the summer. Annually, Phoenix averages over 100 days where the temperature reaches over 100 degrees. This extreme heat makes many aspects of life difficult, and car maintenance is no exception. While air conditioning issues are perhaps the most common questions Arizonans have about their vehicles in the summer, the battery is […]

Your vehicle is a complex array of mechanical and electrical components working together while you drive. Computer modules control nearly all mechanical parts of modern vehicles (engine, drivetrain, transmission, etc.). Control modules monitor and dictate different values, allowing the car to run correctly. Your vehicle contains many control modules, but when it comes to the […]

Almost all modern vehicles have power windows. Many may remember reaching for the handle and manually cranking down the windows. Most would agree that power windows are a convenience, but they are much more complicated than their manual crank counterparts. Being entirely electric, power windows have a lot of components. More components mean more potential […]

Replacing spark plugs is part of regular vehicle maintenance. On gasoline engines, spark plugs provide the spark needed for combustion, generating power, and allowing your vehicle to move. Along with other maintenance items like brake services, coolant flushes, and oil changes, regular spark plug changes are essential to keeping your car or truck running as […]

Windshield wipers serve a pretty straightforward purpose: keep the windshield clear and clean to improve visibility in the rain or other bad weather. It’s pretty easy to tell when you need new wiper blades. Worn-out wipers will leave streaks and can even miss areas of the glass. In some cases, this can make visibility even […]