You care about the health of your vehicle, and you aren’t alone in that. Car owners often form a unique affinity for their ride, and whether it’s because cars are expensive or because their owners genuinely appreciate them may vary, but what doesn’t is that you don’t typically just put the health of your vehicle in the hands of any auto repair shop.

Even for those of you that have no emotional investment in your vehicles, you’ll need to get them serviced periodically to keep them running smoothly and operably. For you, your vehicle may just be a machine for getting from point A to point B, but a car that won’t run can’t do that for you.

Either of these parties would be likely to agree that the help of a trusted auto service provider is more valuable than a gamble on a mechanic. That’s why a trustworthy mechanic is one of the great valuable assets in the roster of a responsible vehicle owner. Few other industries place such a high emphasis on the value of trust in the same manner.

In any instance, the expertise of an experienced auto service technician is vital to ensuring the long-term health and performance of your vehicle. And, while you can’t always predict what is wrong with a car or truck before you bring it in for service, these are some important services you won’t want to overlook before you go wondering where you can find an “auto repair shop near me.”

  1. Oil change services

Oil change services may top the list but only because they are some of the most basic routine services that almost all car owners are familiar with. Some car owners might not know how important it is to get your tires rotated, your brakes checked, or your spark plugs replaced as advised, but almost everyone knows you need to get your oil changed periodically, and that, moreover, fresh oil is good for the health of your engine.

This latter fact is fortunate because routine oil changes are some of the simplest things you can do to foster the overall health of your car. The oil that lubricates your engine not only helps to keep all the moving parts working smoothly, but it also dissipates heat (which causes damage) by enhancing lubricity and helps to flush out particulate matter that could gum up your engine (which would also cause damage).

Routine oil changes will have a pronounced effect on the overall health of your engine, but they will provide additional benefits as well. For example, clean oil can help ensure that you will pass emissions inspections, and the fresher your oil is, the better the likelihood is that you will preserve the rated fuel economy of your car. The healthier the engine, the more fuel-efficient it will be.

  • Manufacturer scheduled maintenance

A reliable mechanic should also be able to provide manufacturer scheduled maintenance, and there are probably as many reasons for this as there are for all of the other items included on this list.

Topping them is the fact that you might violate your vehicle’s warranty if you fail to perform the manufacturer scheduled maintenance services on time and keep an accurate log of the services performed. Naturally, this will vary on a case-by-case basis; you could also consult your owner’s guide, your dealership, or reach the manufacturer directly.

For those of you whose vehicles do not come with a warranty, keeping to manufacturer scheduled maintenance is also vital to maintaining the value of the vehicle. Car and truck owners that tell you that resale value doesn’t matter to them are very rare; most of you probably want to know that when you’re done with your vehicle, it will still maintain some salvage value.

Then there is the following basic fact that needs almost no explanation. Keeping to the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule is just a set of guidelines to protect the health of your car. It will advise you to perform services like tune-ups (that include the replacement of spark plugs, engine air filters, and other components), routine oil changes, and tire rotation services, among others. Keeping to the maintenance schedule is just an easy way to help preserve the health of your vehicle.

  • Differential and axle service

A car’s differential and axles perform a lot of hard wear. The axles support the wheels and bear the weight of the vehicle; the differential helps to account for differences in the rotational speed of the wheels while still providing power to the vehicle.

Over time, both of these components will wear down. If an axle is particularly worn or weather, it may have to be replaced entirely, which is sometimes the case with older vehicles. As for the differential, which transfers power from the driveshaft to the axles, a common problem is a leak.

The thing is, the differential contains many small moving parts and gears, all of which are lubricated with what is known as differential fluid. This protects them and enables them to move without excess friction or damage; a leaking differential can result in a problem in short order.

Even if all your vehicle needs is a service to replace the lost fluid from your differential and then seal it, it’s a service best performed and now allowed to slip. It’s not like your car can continue to operate without these components in good working order.

  • Fluid exchanges and system flushes

When you hear an advertisement about something as nebulous or nondescript as a “fluid exchange” or a “system flush” it might be reasonable to proceed with a little caution. After all, you’re not sure what is meant from that statement alone.

Typically, when mechanics talk about fluid exchanges or flushes, they’re talking about some combination of the following: transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, or even differential fluid.

All of these fluids are vital to the operation and health of a vehicle. For example, the coolant fluid that your vehicle’s cooling system contains is responsible for capturing heat from the engine and then releasing it, preventing your engine from overheating. Brake fluid, which is noncompressible, is essential for transferring force from the brake pedal to the front and rear brakes. If this fluid is low, the car will not be as responsive to braking and a dangerous situation might arise.

The point is, all of these fluid levels (and the health of the fluid) must be periodically checked. If the fluid is low, it should be replaced, and if it is worn, contaminated, or has chemically broken down, it should be replaced. That’s all in a day’s work for a seasoned team of automotive specialists.

  • Alignment and tire balance services

Alignment services are basic automotive services that range right alongside oil changes in “how easy and affordable they are versus how they improve the health of your vehicle.” Many may not know that something as simple as a basic alignment service can preserve the life of your tires, improve your fuel economy, and even improve the handling of the vehicle itself, which will significantly promote safety.

Routinely servicing your vehicle and having the tires rotated will even out the wear on the treads, add extra life to your tires, and even allow your vehicle to handle and brake more effectively. It’s easy, convenient, doesn’t take long, and is usually an affordable service. Think up a need for an “auto repair shop near me,” but make sure you account for alignment services!

  • Air conditioning service

We’ve all experienced the discomfort of an air conditioner that doesn’t blow cold – and if you haven’t, just consider yourself blessed. For some reason, it’s one of those high ticket items that sellers advertise when they list their cars: “AC blows cold!” Comfort really comes at a premium nowadays.

Sometimes, all the car needs is a recharge of refrigerant, which is a light, affordable service, which we can take care of for you in short order. Other times, you might have an issue with your compressor or something more serious, but rest assured, we’ll get to the bottom of it and have your AC in working order in no time. The Grand Canyon State is no place to be driving around without AC!

  • Suspension repair

The suspension system, which contains springs, struts, and dampers to dissipate energy so that your car’s ride feels smoother, will wear down over time. After a while, a car that once rode like a dream will start to translate some bumps, shocks, and dips; when you start to notice this, it very well might be time to take your car in for suspension repair.

When your car dips aggressively when braking, pulls unevenly when turning, braking or maneuvering, or simply feels a lot “rougher” than it used to, you should think about bringing your car in to have the suspension checked out. The problem is not going to resolve itself; in fact, it will get worse.

  • Electrical systems testing and repairs, including battery service

Electrical problems are a gigantic headache for some car owners. A car’s electrical system is complex and features complex wiring, innumerable connections, and many fuses. Sometimes an issue can be fixed by replacing a sensor, a fuse, or just switching out the battery harness cable or even the battery; sometimes more extensive testing is required to get to the bottom of the issue.

In fact, electrical systems testing can become so involved that some mechanics don’t even really offer it. However, here at Borst Automotive, we’re proud to include it in our roster of services. That way, you can rest easy that if you have a problem, we’ll get it handled.

  • Brake services and repairs

You can’t drive your car without wearing down the brake pads, shoes, rotors, and calipers. Over time, wear and tear on these parts will require them to be serviced or replaced. Just like your engine oil and your spark plugs, routine brake service is imperative, not suggestive, and it becomes a matter of vehicle safety when it is neglected.

Take your car into a Borst Automotive location – we have two in Tucson as well as one each in Phoenix and Mesa – to have your brakes serviced today.

  1. Transmission repairs

Your transmission is responsible for transferring (or transmitting, hence “transmission”) power from the engine to the driveshaft and then to the wheels. It is made up of many gears and sensitive parts that are lubricated and protected by transmission fluid.

Over time, if the fluid breaks down, becomes contaminated or leaks, the transmission can overheat or teeth on the gears can break, shear, or deform. Any of these problems, or others, can cripple your vehicle.

Of course, many of them can be forestalled with periodic maintenance to assess the overall health of your transmission. Bring your car in for service and we’ll help you prevent any of these unfortunate occurrences.

  1. Emissions services

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality requires vehicles to pass emissions inspections in order to remain legal for use. Bring your car in to have it checked out by our team of specialists and we will check many points that can result in a failure, including but not limited to your spark plugs, air filters, gas cap, catalytic converters, and even your EVAP system.

Every year, cars fail emissions testing and need to undergo what could be very expensive repairs to rectify the problem. We’ll help you catch that ahead of time.

  1. Engine replacement

Aging vehicles and those that are used heavily, such as commercial or commuter vehicles, will eventually need to have their engines replaced. This is a labor-intensive process that involves the removal of the old engine and the replacement of a new one.

Not all mechanics offer such extensive services, but here at Borst Automotive, bumper to bumper means bumper to bumper, and if you need a new engine, you can put your car in good hands with us.

And Much More – We Even Service Diesel Vehicles

When your mind starts to wander over the need for an “auto repair shop near me,” you can bring your car or truck into Borst Automotive with confidence that we will get to the bottom of the issue and make everything right for you and your vehicle.

This collection of essential services only represents a snapshot of the complete portfolio of services offered by our teams of A.S.E. certified technicians at each of our locations. Whether you’re simply looking for a new provider of essential services like an oil change or you need some more extensive repairs performed, we’ll handle the matter with care and attention, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Check out our pages on our services and locations where you can learn more about what we offer and find the location nearest you. You can also get in touch with us by phone at the location of your choosing to learn more or even make an appointment online to have your car scheduled for service!