Getting your vehicle looked at before inspection is vital if you want everything to go smoothly. Even if you think your car is in good shape, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is working as it should. Whether you are prepping for a state vehicle inspection or if you simply want to make sure your car is perfectly road-worthy, you want to make sure it is looked at by true professionals.

If you are searching around for the right “car inspection near me,” this guide will help you find a local area automotive repair shop that will be able to meet your needs and service your vehicle properly so that you will have the best possible chance at passing any kind of inspection, and so that you will have total peace of mind while you are on the road.

What to Look For With a Car Inspection Near You

As far as car inspection is concerned, you always want to trust a company that not only provides comprehensive expert service, but that also is passionate and caring about what they do. It doesn’t matter how small the job is, you can’t afford to put your vehicle in the wrong hands, as it opens up the possibility of errors and accidents.

Most car owners are naturally connected to their vehicles and rely on them for dozens of important tasks. You want to utilize the services of an automotive repair company that understands this and will treat your vehicle with the same level of respect as you do, perhaps even more so. Lazy and uninspired vehicle maintenance is not going to cut it if you want to pass inspection or feel safe on the road.

Finding the right car inspection near you can be tough because while you want to prioritize finding someplace local, you also want to make sure they are providing quality service as well. This “best of both worlds” combination may seem elusive, but that’s why it’s worth doing some digging. Make sure that the company handles all of the important areas of car repair and maintenance you are looking for, and that they have a reputation for being detail-oriented and efficient when it comes to the work that they perform.

Why You Need a Professional Eye During a Vehicle Check

Even if you know your way around cars and even work on yours from time to time for small maintenance tasks, you still need that professional eye if you are going in for an inspection. There are several reasons why this is the case, all of which come into play if you are thinking about whether or not you need to look for these kinds of services.

First of all, no matter how well you think you know cars or how many cars you have looked at over the years, automotive technicians are going to know more than you and are going to be trained to spot issues far better than you.

An ASE-certified technician will know exactly what to look for and how to address issues efficiently and correctly. Think about it in terms of experience and volume: the average professional technician will likely look at more cars in a single day than you would have over the course of several years, if not over the span of your entire life. They are “under the hood” every day, analyzing the same kinds of problems across hundreds of different makes and models, and know exactly what needs to be done in order to spot problems and fix them in an efficient manner.

Regardless of your level of expertise with personal car maintenance, it’s unlikely that you can stack up with a professionally-trained certified automotive technician. Sometimes it’s not even the skills that come into play, but that professional eye. Being able to spot small issues and potential problems before they develop is one of the most important reasons to get your car inspected by a professional before actually going in for an official inspection.

Finding a suitable car inspection near you means getting your car thoroughly looked at by skilled experts who know what they are looking for and who have the knowledge to be able to apply to a given situation so that they can provide a solution that will help you pass an inspection. There is a gulf of difference between what a car owner is able to do versus what a full-service auto repair shop. More manpower, more eyes on your vehicle, the right tools for the job, and a dedicated mindset.

One benefit of getting your car looked over at a reputable auto repair shop is that they may just catch something amiss that you weren’t even thinking about or wouldn’t be aware of. A car can appear perfectly functional but actually have several underlying issues that a professional would be much more apt to catch compared to the average person.

There’s also preventative maintenance to consider. One of the most important aspects of car care is making sure your vehicle is properly maintained at regular intervals so that it doesn’t break down. Even if your main goal is to pass a state inspection, for instance, you will want to have your car looked at regularly in order to ensure that it is running properly and perfectly safe. No matter how well you think you know your car, you can’t account for everything that a team of trained pros would.

Make Sure Your Automotive Repair Shop Covers Everything

Once you understand the importance of finding a suitable car inspection service near you, it makes sense that you will want to track one down and make sure that they cover all aspects of car maintenance that you need. It’s inefficient to have to rely on multiple different car repair services and locations to get your vehicle maintained. It makes more sense from a convenience factor and from a time-saving and money-saving standpoint, to find a great repair shop that offers incredible service that’s near you and that will help you pass any kind of inspection as well.

So what kinds of issues do you need looked at when it comes to passing inspections and general vehicle maintenance? Oil changes are a big one, as are filter changes, alignments, and transmission repair. Chances are though, your vehicle is already in decent shape and you simply need it to pass inspection, which means that the issues in question might be harder to spot or more subtle in nature. Let’s take a look at common areas that professional automotive technicians look at in such cases.

Tire Issues

Tires undoubtedly endure a massive amount of wear in a short amount of time. While high-quality tires will last you for thousands of miles without any issues, they are still open to damage from all kinds of hazards and will wear down naturally over time even if you take care of your vehicle properly.

Auto repair specialists will be able to spot small imperfections and damages to your tires that you may miss. If your tires are worn down enough, a professional technician will be able to guide you as to the best course of action, including purchasing new tires if necessary. For safety reasons and when it comes to passing inspections, sometimes it’s simply better to invest in new tires rather than having them patched. The qualified service technician will be able to point you in the right direction here.

Checking The Brakes

Brakes are another key problem area that endure a great deal of wear and which often need maintenance and replacing, depending on the circumstances. The trouble is that unless you have a great feel for your vehicle, you may not even realize there is anything amiss with your brakes at all.

This is one area that you absolutely need to get looked at regularly, because not only will your vehicle not pass an inspection with faulty brakes, driving without ones that work properly is a serious road hazard for you and other motorists as well.

Any Kind of Leaking Fluid

While bad leaks are quite noticeable even to untrained drivers, a minor leak could go undetected and still cause serious problems if left unattended. Cars require a multitude of different fluids to run properly, so it is important to make sure that there is nothing out of sorts here, otherwise, your car’s health could be in jeopardy, and you won’t likely pass an inspection either.


Windshield integrity is another area of routine vehicle inspection that is important to take note of. Trained professionals with an eye for imperfections and small details will be able to spot tiny cracks and other issues that could potentially cause a safety hazard or keep you from passing.

While you are on the road, you may not even realize how much wear your windshield endures. Over time, small imperfections may arise that you don’t really pay any mind to on a day-to-day basis, or because you don’t really notice them. Just because you haven’t addressed them doesn’t mean they won’t come up during an inspection, though. Like any other area of your car, it helps to have a professional look over your windshield, as they would be more apt to find issues and provide proper solutions.

Lights and Safety Features

From headlights and taillights to cabin lights and even the functionality of your dashboard, you want to make sure that all of these areas are working properly before you even think of having your vehicle go through inspection.

While a broken taillight is an obvious problem that would not only prevent you from passing inspection but would also draw the eye of law enforcement as well, you also have to pay attention to the array of other lights on your vehicle, including ones that you may not use very often like your high beam headlights. All of these features should be in working order before you plan on passing an inspection, which means you need a capable auto repair company that is both thorough and knowledgeable.

Get Your Car Looked at By Professional Automotive Technicians Near You

If you are located in Tucson, Mesa, or the Phoenix area and need reliable local automotive repair to get you prepped and ready for inspection, you are in the right place. Here at Borst Automotive, we are passionate about helping motorists stay on the road through thorough and meticulous maintenance services that cover everything from routine oil changes to exhaust and transmission repair.

When it comes to searching for a car inspection near you that gets the job done right, we are the team to trust. We have a customer-focused philosophy and approach to car maintenance, and the technical skill and knowledge to back up what we say. From basic maintenance to comprehensive repair jobs, we are here to make sure your car is road-worthy and fully functional, and that you are completely satisfied.

It’s important to make sure that your vehicle is in the right hands before you take it in to get looked at. Our car care experts will be able to pinpoint even tiny leaks and signs of wear as we thoroughly comb over your vehicle, preventing you from having to play detective just to pass inspection and get back on the road.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need your car looked at for any reason. Whether you are getting ready for an upcoming inspection or if you just want to make sure everything is in order when it comes to the health of your vehicle, there’s no place better in Arizona to get your car fixed than here at Borst Automotive.

We have several convenient locations throughout the state, so you can easily get in touch with us by visiting our website or calling us to schedule an appointment. We will make sure your car is inspection-ready and perfectly functional, no matter what the issue is.