Picture this: You are getting your first car or are purchasing a new car for yourself. Imagine how excited you are to be finally receiving a car that is going to give you so much freedom. Owning and operating a vehicle is considered one of the most freeing experiences as a young person. Before, you had to rely on other people like your parents, friends, or loved ones to drive you around and take you where you need to go. Now, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Although sometimes an afterthought, owning your own car comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure you always fill it with gas when needed, make sure it remains clean, and driving the thing is a whole other story. But probably the most important thing that a car owner can do for their car and other drivers on the road is getting your car properly maintained and repaired.

A big responsibility that comes with owning a car is properly taking care of it. Car’s don’t run on endless fuel and after lots of use, can experience some normal wear and tear. Also, depending on where you live, how often you drive, and the type of terrain you typically drive on could result in different types of maintenance that your car needs.

Cars are very technically advanced machines, which require special treatment and special upkeep to keep them running smoothly. Sure, there are the basic oil changes and routine inspections that everyone has to go through like a car owner, but oftentimes, many people don’t seem to talk about other more serious repairs that would impact driver safety if left undone.

For example, the alignment of your tires is a very important and crucial part of your car. Without it working properly or driving around with it damaged, it could wreak havoc on your car or may even hinder you from actually driving.

Let’s break down what goes on during a tire alignment and what you need to look out for while driving to make sure you and everyone else can drive safely on the roads.

What is a Tire Alignment and What to Look For?

Tire alignment, also commonly known as a wheel alignment, helps your tires last longer and have your car working correctly. This is especially important because tires are notoriously expensive, so by making sure those tires last, you need to have proper alignment. Also, while driving it can make your drive go smoother and avoid having your steering wheel pull to either side.

The entire purpose of proper tire alignment has to do with the suspension of the car. The suspension is the system that connects your car to its wheels. The key to proper alignment is adjusting the angles of the tires which then affects how they drive on the road. Your wheels must be pointed straight and your tires need to be centered in the wheel wells.

So, how do you know that you need a tire alignment? It could happen due to many different factors.

  • You lower or lift your own vehicle
  • You get new tires
  • You recently hit a curb or got into a fender bender
  • You’re noticing uneven tire wear, your steering wheel is pulling to either side, or you have an off-center steering wheel

It’s also important to routinely get your suspension checked out twice a year to make sure that there aren’t any adjustments that need to be made. Sometimes, issues with your alignment aren’t always as obvious as something like a pulling steering wheel.

Tips Before Going to a Repair Shop

Sometimes it can be difficult to truly understand if you need a tire alignment. Some issues can’t really be seen by the outside of your car. An experienced technician will know exactly what to do if they notice anything wrong with your tires or suspension.

If you happen to type into your browser, “tire alignment near me,” and go to your local repair shop like Borst Automotive, they will determine the problem. If you have a damaged suspension part, that should be replaced first. Typically, a technician will either recommend a thrust alignment or a four-wheel alignment.

Remember, tire alignments and alignment checks are a basic part of regular maintenance for your car. If you’re looking for a great auto repair shop and you happen to be located in Arizona, consider checking out the qualified technicians at Borst Automotive.

At Borst, you will find ASE certified technicians that are dedicated to providing the utmost quality of service and care. The team at Borst wants to make sure all drives from Arizona get safely back on the roads!

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