The select few know the experience. Driving down the road, all windows down, in an attempt to stave off the scorching heat. Automotive AC systems require care and maintenance, just like any of a car’s systems, and over time, without that proper care, they can fail.

That brings you to the image above, cruising along the backroads with the windows down in the sweltering cab of a car. Even for sun-loving, hot-blooded people, being in a car with no AC in the summer in Arizona is a test.

Luckily, it’s not a permanent trial. There are ways you can deal with this, both before and after it becomes apparent that your car’s AC system needs attention.

Let’s start with preventive measures. Here are some signs you need to look out for if you want to make sure you never have to deal with a failed AC system. If your car exhibits any of these symptoms, it’s time to start pondering “auto AC repair near me.”

  1. The obvious: Your vents aren’t blowing cold air.

First, let’s start with the obvious. It’s 100 degrees outside. You open your car door, and it’s like 130 or more degrees inside. You get in the seat, thinking thoughts of gratitude that you don’t have leather car seats, start the car and get the AC going. There’s just one (not so) minor problem. The AC is blowing hot air.

That’s fine because it takes the AC a few minutes to really get going. You leave the driveway, windows down as you wait for the AC to kick in, but several minutes later, you realize the AC is still blowing hot air!

Your next thought should also be obvious. “I need to find auto AC repair near me!”

  • The obvious: Your vents aren’t blowing any air.

Let’s run through that same hypothetical situation. It’s hot as a pressure cooker outside, you open the car door, and the inside of the car is also insufferably hot. This time you stand back for a moment to let the heat escape.

You get in the car, start her up, and crank the AC. The only difference is that this time, you didn’t crank the AC, because when you turned it on and cranked up the fan, you only got a mild breeze from the blower. Worst of all, the little bit of air issuing from the vents was warm air.

So now you have no air coming from your vents. Cue the aforementioned thought, “Where can I find auto AC repair near me?”

  • The not so obvious: Odd sounds or smells coming from the vents

Now let’s wrap it up with a not so obvious condition. Let’s say you get in your car on that same day. It’s extremely hot, the inside of the car is extremely hot, rinse and repeat.

This time, you start the car, you crank the AC and the fan, but when you turn on the AC, you notice a little bit of a squeaking or a squealing noise. Sometimes you only notice this when you are turning the AC on or off, sometimes the unpleasant whine is persistent.

Perhaps in place of a whine, there is an odd smell, such as a damp or musty odor, it is a good sign that there’s something wrong with your AC system that needs immediate attention.

They may not be so obvious, but these are clear indicators that you need to address an issue with your car’s air conditioner.

Do I Need to Fix It?

Maybe you’re one of those that thought, “Well, it isn’t completely necessary, so I’ll just roll down the windows and deal with it.” You wouldn’t be alone. There are people out there that do it.

However, the air conditioning system in a car deserves attention and care, at least if you expect it to work properly.

Here are some additional reasons to fix a failing AC system.

  1. It will preserve the value of your car

One of the best reasons to address a failing AC system is that it will preserve the value of your car. That’s why you see so many used car listings that prominently display “AC blows cold!” It’s something people want, and without it, your car will lose significant value.

  • It will preserve your comfort!

If you needed another reason to provide car care repair service to restore your AC, how about the fact that a fixed AC system will also restore your comfort.

Sometimes the repair only requires a basic performance check to uncover a refrigerant leak. Sometimes all you need is to recharge your refrigerant levels. There are times when you might fear the worst when a basic diagnosis will reveal a problem that was not as big as it seemed.

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