6 Tips to Stay Safe on the Road During Monsoon Season
It’s that time of year again as Tucsonans brace for monsoon season.  During Arizona’s monsoon season, driving can become hazardous due to slippery roads, unexpected wind gusts, and flooded roads.  Below are 6 tips to keep you safe when you are out on the roads.  
Inspect your vehicle Make sure your windshield wipers are working and that they are not cracked.  If it has been a year or more since you have had them replaced it’s a good idea to go ahead and replace them.  The extreme climate here causes them to deteriorate faster.  Check your tire treads.  Place a penny head first into the tread, if you always see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time to replace your tire.  Replace any headlights or tail lights that are out.  You want to see and be seen. Slow Down & Allow Extra Time When it rains, oil and dirt on the road rises to the surface making the roads slicker.  Driving slower in these conditions will allow your tires to get more traction, which can also mean you need to give yourself more time to get to your destination. Don’t Tailgate It takes 3x longer to stop on a wet road than a dry road.  Give extra space between you and the vehicle ahead of you and be alert for brake lights. Don’t drive through flooded areas It only takes a couple of inches to move your whole car.  Flooding can occur within moments of a heavy downpour.  Obey flood warning signs or barricades.  Remember, if you drive around a barricade and become stranded in a flooded area, you will be held responsible to pay for your own rescue according to Arizona’s “Stupid Motorist Law.” Down Power Lines If a power line comes in contact with your vehicle while you are inside it is important to remember to STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE. Call 911 and wait for help to arrive and honk your horn for help.   If you are forced to exit your vehicle, never touch the car and the ground at the same time.  Remove loose clothing open your door, step onto the frame of the car with both feet close to together and tuck in your hands and elbows.  Jump out of the car with your feet together and as far away from the vehicle as possible.  Shuffle your feet in slow short strides or hop with your feet together until you are at least 20 feet away from the wire. Don’t Take Pictures Thunder and lighting storms can look absolutely beautiful.  Wait until you are off the road before you snap that picture or selfie.    

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