Transmission Service

The transmission in your vehicle is a critical component for creating your smooth ride. It requires routine maintenance to keep it operating at its best. Without maintenance, the vehicle might start making grinding noises, or gear slips and hard shifting might start to occur. Proper maintenance and transmission repair does not have to be difficult. At Borst Automotive, our team can provide help for most transmission problems.


How Does Your Transmission Work?

The transmission is made up of numerous gears and intricate components. It operates between your engine and the wheels, providing the controlled power necessary. In a simplistic vehicle, the transmission takes the power the engine produces and transfers it to the wheels, allowing for you to control the vehicle’s direction and overall handling. If the transmission does not operate properly, this will make it hard to handle your car – or your vehicle may not move at all.

The transmission must be able to handle the high levels of heat created by the process. To do this, transmission fluid is used. It circulates through the transmission minimizing any damage to the working components as you use the vehicle. This fluid is not replaced often, but over time it will not be as efficient as it was. That is why, at some point, all vehicles need the transmission fluid replaced.

Be Prepared

Transmission Maintenance and Service

Your vehicle’s manufacturer will provide specific information on the required transmission repairs to keep your vehicle operational and working at its best. Most often, this means flushing the transmission – a process that removes the transmission fluid and replaces it with clean product. You may need to do this once every 30,000 to 50,000 miles – depending on the make and model of your car.

Our technicians will provide routine inspections of your transmission when you come in for an oil change or any other service. Share any problems you are having too. We are happy to take a look.


Typical Repairs and Service Needs

Over time, some vehicles may need more help than just replacing the fluid. Though a low transmission fluid level is the most common cause of the problems you have, including slow shifting or gear slipping while you are driving, there are other types of problems. Here are some examples.


If the transmission slips, this may be due to the lack of enough fluid in the system. Often, this is due to a transmission fluid leak. Damage to the transmission can cause this. Worn down and degraded seals within the system can cause it as well.

Worn Needle Bearings

If the transmission slips, this may be due to the lack of enough fluid in the system. Often, this is due to a transmission fluid leak. Damage to the transmission can cause this. Worn down and degraded seals within the system can cause it as well.

Solenoid problems

 The transmission’s solenoid helps regulate the flow of transmission fluid through the system. If it is damaged or worn for any reason, this can cause transmission noises and slipping gears.


Symptoms of Transmission Repair Needs

How do you know when the transmission needs to be inspected, maintained, or repaired? At Borst Automotive, we encourage you to bring the vehicle in for routine inspections according to your manufacturer’s recommendations. Most vehicles need to have the transmission fluid flushed every 50,000 miles.

In addition, if you have any of the following signs of transmission problems, stop driving the vehicle, and contact our team for repair needs:

  1. The car will not switch gears or it is difficult to do so.
  2. If the gears are slipping as you are driving.
  3. It smells like something is burning 
  4. There is shaking as you drive the car.
  5. You hear loud noises such as clanking or grinding.
  6. There is a leak under your car.
  7. The check engine light is on.

Where Can I Get My Transmission Repairs?

Borst Automotive has multiple locations across Southern Arizona. Check out our different locations for availability and scheduling. Easily schedule an appointment online or by phone for a transmission repair Phoenix. We also service transmission repair Mesa as well. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

repair cost

How Much Does Transmission Repair Cost?

The cost of any transmission repair depends on what type of work is necessary to repair it. At Borst Automotive, you can expect competitive rates for all of the services we offer. Costs are related to things like the make, model, and year of your vehicle. If we need to replace any components, plus labor fees. Transmissions that do not have routine maintenance completed are more likely to sustain a larger amount of damage, possibly requiring to rebuild the transmission or replacing it. These are the most significant charges.


What Happens During a Transmission Flush?

There are two main options for managing the transmission. If you come in for a transmission fluid change, we will remove the transmission fluid pan and replace all fluid within it. We also replace the filter. For a flush, we will work to remove all of the fluid from the system – which can be up to 13 quarts – and replace it. This drains all of the transmission and ensures better long-term results.


How Can You Schedule a Call for Transmission Service?

At Bost Automotive, we provide exceptional service at competitive rates. When you think you have a transmission-related problem or you want to get the vehicle’s maintenance needs met, give our team a call. We only provide the very best service and use the proper fluid for your transmission. Borst Automotive services transmission repairs in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson. Doing so can help extend the life of your vehicle and minimize the risk of significant repairs.

Call Borst Automotive now to schedule an appointment.