When owning and operating a vehicle it’s very important to seek routine preventative maintenance for your car. Maintenance and repair on your vehicle are never avoidable and always inevitable, no matter how expensive or inconvenient it may be. Skipping out on taking proper care of your car could result in further damage to your car or even making the car you drive unsafe on the roads.

The moral of the story, it’s better to get your car checked out by an automotive repair shop routinely than ignore any issues until they get dire. If you’re worried about the money that it takes to repair things to your car, by ignoring any problems, those issues will become more expensive as time goes on.

So, to routinely get your car repaired and checked out, that means you need a dependable, trustworthy, and affordable auto repair shop that can perform all the necessary services to keep your car running safely on the road.

However, there are usually many different auto repair shops in any given area that all seem to provide the same services. It’s up to you to research to find a place that best fits your needs. But, it’s crucial to keep in mind some key factors to look for when choosing to take your car to a new repair shop.

Tips To Find a Great Auto Repair Shop

First, it’s important to understand the difference between routine maintenance and actual repair for your vehicle. Regular maintenance usually is recommended from your car owner’s manual and will help reduce the need for repairs or emergencies. For example, by choosing to forgo the routine maintenance of aligning your tires, in the future you could be in a panic searching, “alignment shops near me,” if you need immediate repairs.

Another example is oil changes. Although this seems like an insignificant requirement, the effects of failing to change your oil could potentially lead to major damage to your entire car.

Ask Around

Often, it’s easier to ask people in your life whom you trust for which repair shop to take your car to. You’ll often be lead to smaller repair shops or independent mechanics who offer reliable service at affordable prices. If you’re lucky to have a friend or family member who owns the same make or model of car as you do, this could be especially helpful. It’s always better to take your car to a shop that is experienced with the brand of your car.

Certification Check

This goes for all mechanic shops across the country. The repair shop you choose should always be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or commonly known as ASE. Without this certification, that auto repair shop cannot be trusted to work on your car.

Price Matters

Understandably, you want to find a shop with the most affordable prices in your area, but you should never cheap out on repairing your car. Cheap, fast service does not always mean quality service in the automotive industry. It’s ok to spend a little extra cash to ensure your vehicle gets fixed the right way the first time.

Search Online

When all else fails, turn to your trusty computer and search up reviews of automotive service shops in your area. It’s best to find a place that is in relative proximity to your work or home to avoid any schedule conflicts or transportation issues.

When searching for a reliable repair shop, you might want to try searching for certain terms that you potentially need to get fixed on your car. For example, if you know you need a tire alignment soon, search up “tire alignment near me.” Once results pop up, browse through shops that have racked up positive reviews for each service that is provided. By the end of your research, you are sure to find the perfect automotive repair shop for your car. If you live in Arizona, Borst Automotive will pop up in your searches, and there’s a good reason why you’ll see such great reviews.

Why Borst Automotive?

Borst Automotive is the leading automotive repair shop in Arizona. With three locations in Mesa, Phoenix, and Tuscon, most Arizona residents will find a Borst Automotive near them. At our auto repair shops, you can find trustworthy, reliable, and welcoming mechanics that know what they’re doing.

Our ASE certified shops and mechanics provide all the services needed for routine maintenance and repairs at an affordable price and great service. No matter what you search up on the internet, whether that be “alignment near me,” or “car repair in Mesa,” Borst Automotive will be the first to catch your eye.

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