Cost of CV Axle Replacement

The CV axles, short for constant velocity axles, are the final components of your drivetrain. While we often pay much more attention to the engine and transmission powertrain components that precede them, keeping an eye on your CV axles and joints is vital to ensuring your wheels receive the engine’s power properly. 

Like any drivetrain component, the constant abuse of frequent driving and harsh road conditions will lead to gradual wear. If left unaddressed, this damage could cause the CV boot to tear and leak grease onto surrounding components among other issues. 

What is a CV Axle?

CV axles have the difficult responsibility of transferring power to the wheels no matter the suspension geometry or angle of the wheel. This is accomplished by using two joints on each axle, one connected to the transmission and differential (inboard) and another to the wheel (outboard). 

So even as your vehicle takes a speed bump and the wheel is shifted upwards, the CV joints will shift and keep the axle spinning. You can think of the CV axle as a rotating bridge between two points (the transmission and the wheels), maintaining constant velocity by shifting as those points move. 

Signs of a Bad CV Axle

If your CV axle or boots have worn down to the point of leakage or failure, you may experience some of these symptoms.

Harsh Vibrations

There are various reasons you could be feeling unexpected vibrations or bouncy suspension in your vehicle, but if the vibrating increases with speed, it could mean your CV axles are nearing the point of complete failure. 

It’s not recommended to drive at all when experiencing this, as your worn axle may shatter when hitting a speed bump or pothole, potentially damaging other components around it in the process. 

Popping Noise

One telltale sign of CV axle problems is a consistent popping or clicking sound, especially when taking a turn. This noise is likely the result of a loose axle and insufficient lubrication within the CV boot and will increase in volume and frequency as the issue worsens. 

Grease Inside Wheel

If you’re noticing the buildup of grease within your wheel barrel or on surrounding components like the brakes and tires, it could be due to a leaking CV boot. As the ripped boot spins with the axle, it flings the grease out onto anything in the vicinity. 

Not only does this cause a greasy mess, but it also means your CV joint is losing lubrication. As a result, your CV joints and axles may develop some of the other symptoms mentioned and should be replaced as soon as possible. 

Loose Axles

When these axles become loose, you might feel or hear them wobbling during acceleration. The easiest way to check for this is to lift the vehicle and use your hand to wobble the axle. If it feels at all moveable, your CV axles are likely loosened from their connections. 

How Much Does a CV Axle Replacement Cost?

So if you suspect a faulty axle, how much should you expect to pay for a replacement? Unfortunately, the answer to this depends on a variety of factors, however for most vehicles, you’ll be looking at anywhere between $300 and $1500. 

This is a large price range. There are a few reasons for this. First, the cost of parts can differ considerably based on the vehicle itself.  Replacement parts for a 2020 Honda Civic may cost between $90 and $150, while a 2020 BMW M3’s replacement goes for a hefty $1,200 to $1,500. In general, parts prices on more common commuter vehicles will be on the lower end, while luxury or performance vehicles will trend to the higher end. 

Labor is also a contributing factor, as labor costs can vary based on both the make and model as well as the location of the service. More complex vehicles will require more labor hours to complete the replacement, and shop labor rates will change from area to area.

CV Axle Replacement at Borst Automotive

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