How Much Does a Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement Cost?

Getting your brake pads and rotors replaced is a part of responsible car ownership. New brake components ensure quick and predictable stops, keeping you and your passengers safe.

Pads and rotors come into direct contact with one another, bringing your car to a stop. With so much heat and friction, they will inevitably wear out several times during the time you own your car. The frequency of replacement varies on driving style, miles driven, and the climate of where you live.

pads and rotors contacting

Is it expensive to replace your pads and rotors? In this article, we are going to go over this service and discuss what impacts its price.

How is the price of a pad and rotor replacement calculated?

When you have your pads and rotors replaced by a shop, the cost of the service is divided into two categories: parts and labor.


A pad and rotor replacement requires two main components. You guessed it, pads and rotors!


Brake pads sit on either side of the rotor and are activated by the caliper. The pads squeeze the rotor, and the friction between them slows your car down. There are three common types of brake pads, organic, ceramic, and metallic, all of which are made using different materials.

brake pad assembly

Brake pads can range in price depending on the material they are made from and your vehicle. You can expect brake pads to cost around $35-$75 per axle (set of four).


Rotors, sometimes called brake discs, provide a surface for the caliper to clamp the pads down on. The rotors rotate with your wheels, and the applied pressure from the pads slows the rotation.

Rotors typically cost around $100 to $200 each, so figure between $200 and $400 for each axle (set of two).

Brake Pad Sensors

Depending on your vehicle, you may need to replace the brake pad sensors in addition to the pads. Some pads will have sensors built in, but on systems that have separate sensors, you can expect to pay an additional $30 to $50 per sensor.

How many pads and rotors will I need?

You might have noticed we described the total cost of parts per axle for each component. This is because typically, you will not be getting all four rotors, all eight pads and all sensors replaced at once. Front brakes to the vast majority of the stopping while you drive and wear out much faster than rears. It is also unlikely, and not recommended to replace the pads and rotor on only one side of an axle. Furthermore, some vehicles still utilize drum brakes in the rear, which do not use pads and rotors.


Labor is the payment to the technician for performing the repair. Labor rates vary, but you should expect to pay around $150-$200 in labor for each axle.

Pad and Rotor Replacement Per Axle

If you only need the brakes on one axle serviced, expect to pay around $400 – $800. Remember, this price can vary significantly depending on your vehicle and the types of components you use. For example, larger trucks and SUVs can have very large and expensive rotors that will drive up the price significantly. To replace all your brake pads and rotors, expect a bill in the $800 – $1000 range.

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