Take It from Us: Five Good Reasons to Get Your Tires Rotated

If you have ever thought of tire rotation as anything less than a routine service, think again. It may seem like a waste to spend money on getting your tires rotated, but trust us, it’s not. 

A tire rotation entails removing your tires and changing their location on your vehicle; this way, all of your tires will get even wear in the long run. The pattern of rotation will vary depending on whether your vehicle is a front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or has staggard tire sizes

Here are some of the best arguments we can give you for why tire rotation isn’t just a suggestion, but an important service that can save you money and make your vehicle safer. 

Tires Wear Out Over Time

Whether you’re driving on gravel or sand, on a roughly paved road, or the smooth blacktop, the treads of your tires wear down over time. Your tires will never wear evenly, at least not perfectly evenly, even with a proper alignment. The rate at which your tires wear depends on several factors, some you can control, others you cannot. Tire rotations help you control the evenness of tire wear.

Improve handling and braking

When your tires wear unevenly you may notice your vehicle pulling to the left or right while you drive. In addition, treads that have worn unevenly will adversely affect the handling of your vehicle during braking.

Regular rotation services will help with this, as the more even your treads are, your car will drive and break better. 

Extend Tire Life

Not only will you experience better handling and performance when you routinely rotate your tire, but you can also get longer life from your tires.

Uneven tread wear can cause your tires to become unusable or unsafe in much shorter order. For example, if your treads wear more quickly at the edges than elsewhere, they may wear down too far for the tires to be safely driven on, as opposed to wearing evenly across the surface.

If this happens, you’ll be getting less use for your tires than you bargained for.

Improve safety

Notice above where we mentioned that your vehicle will handle better, not only while driving but also while braking. In case it needed to be stated explicitly, this improves your safety on the road while you’re behind the wheel. In addition, tires that wear evenly are less likely to experience an abrupt failure due to uneven stress.

Prevent Excess Wear On Other Areas of Your Car

Uneven tire wear puts stress on other areas of your car, like the wheel bearings, suspension, and potentially even the brakes, among others. By regularly rotating your tires, you can prevent excessive wear and tear on other parts of your car.

Tire Rotations Can Save You Money

Tires that wear out unevenly need to be replaced more frequently. To get your money’s worth from the components in your car, they need to last as long as they are intended to. In addition to longer tire life, you get the added benefit of reduced wear on your steering and suspension systems.

Tire Rotations at Borst Automotive

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