Where to Find Emissions Testing in Tucson

As a vehicle owner, you are obligated to get certain tests done on your car depending on your state’s regulations and requirements. Especially in a state like Arizona, vehicles are required to undergo emission testing. Emission testing is done to determine the level of air pollutants or emissions that are blown out from the exhaust of an automobile.

Several different factors may make your car eligible for emissions testing.

  • How old your vehicle is
  • The type of vehicle you have and how much it weighs
  • Which state the vehicle is registered in
  • Fuel type

Each state has different testing specifications. In Arizona, any car that is at least five years old or newer than the model year of 1967 must-have emissions testing performed every 1-2 years. There is something called a Tailpipe test, which measures the emissions of older cars that were produced before 2001. Cars that run on diesel are tested for visual pollutants and smoke opacity.

Unfortunately, sometimes your car can fail an emissions test. What now? It happens, so in case you are ever in need of a  repair on emission testing in Tucson, Borst Automotive has you covered.

Passing your emissions test or subsequently getting your car repaired so it can pass the emissions test is very important, especially in the state of Arizona, for many environmental reasons. The whole point of emissions testing is to ensure your vehicle is not releasing any unnecessary amount of emissions into the air. This helps improve air quality and may improve public health.

Things that Guarantee a Failed Emissions Test

It’s inevitable when owning a vehicle; sometimes things need to be fixed or services to be allowed to drive your vehicle. It’s inconvenient at times, but you must take care of your vehicle and get it routinely serviced and repaired. Otherwise, you may fail inspection or emissions testing and your car won’t be suitable to drive until it’s fixed.

With things like emissions testing, there are a few key things that may happen to your car that will guarantee you will fail an emissions test. These are things to look out for so you don’t have to scramble to find a technician to fix your emissions.

  • Rich air-fuel mixture
    • This can happen when there are high levels of CO2 which are caused by carbon monoxide from a weak ignition source.
  • Defects in the EVAP or evaporative emission control system
    • This system is for preventing gasoline vapors from the fuel system and tank from being released into the air and atmosphere. Some common problems that cause defects in an evaporative emissions control system include leaks in vacuum hoses and vents, faulty gas caps, and defective purge valves.
  • Work spark plugs
    • Worn or fouled spark plugs release unnecessary emissions into the air that could cause your vehicle to fail the test.
  • Dirty or old air filter
    • A clogged air filter can potentially cause high levels of hydrocarbons. Most car manufacturers recommend a filter change once a year.
  • Defective check engine light
    • If your check engine light is on or not working properly, that can be a big issue for emissions testing. Whenever there is something wrong with your engine, there is potential for pollutants to be released into the air.
  • Broken catalytic converter
    • This part converts pollutants from your cars like carbon monoxide, unburned fuel, and oxides, into carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water.

It has been reported that 1 in every 10 vehicles fail emissions testing in Arizona. Don’t be that one person to fail. Emissions testing is not the kind of thing to tell you what you are doing wrong as a vehicle owner. Emissions testing is primarily for the sake of maintaining our air quality and preserving public health in Arizona.

What To Do if you Fail

Once you have been notified that you have failed your emissions test, there are a few steps that need to be taken first. At the emissions facility, you must gather all the necessary information and documentation needed to take to a repair shop. Next, you must determine the eligibility of your vehicle. Once that has all been determined, then you can go ahead and book an appointment with us at Borst Automotives.

At Borst Automotives, we have skilled and ASE-certified technicians that will fix whatever issues are going on with your vehicle that caused a failed Arizona emissions test. We believe and know that you and your family deserve the best and highest quality repairs at the best prices. Specifically, in Tuscon, Arizona, we are well-equipped to fix any repairs needed to pass your emissions test. We strive to provide our customers with the utmost quality of service and care.

Consider calling us in case you fail your emissions tests. We will be right there to guide you through the process.

Borst Automotive is here to help when you need it. Give us a call, schedule an appointment, or stop in today!