Why Don’t My Car’s Power Windows Work? [8 Common Causes]

Almost all modern vehicles have power windows. Many may remember reaching for the handle and manually cranking down the windows. Most would agree that power windows are a convenience, but they are much more complicated than their manual crank counterparts.

Being entirely electric, power windows have a lot of components. More components mean more potential for problems. Generally speaking, power windows are pretty reliable, but if something goes wrong, it can be frustrating, and expensive, to fix them.

Have your power windows stopped working? Not sure what the problem is? In this article, we are going over eight common causes of power window problems.

Window switch on door panel

1. Window Stuck from Ice and Snow

If you live in an area that sees ice and snow during the window months (or are on a ski trip), this could be causing issues with your power windows. The motor and window regulator often aren’t strong enough to break free a window that’s been frozen in its track.

Letting your vehicle sit in the sun or warm up while driving will melt the frozen window, and it should start working like normal again.

2. Blown Fuse

When you are having issues with your power windows, you may still hear them trying to work when you push the button. However, if you hear nothing at all, a fuse might be to blame. A blown fuse will typically impact all the windows in your car.

Your owner’s manual will have information about which fuse needs to be replaced. Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to replace it yourself.

3. Failed Window Regulators

Window regulators move the glass up and down inside the door. They also hold the glass in place inside the door, preventing it from falling out of its track. If a regulator fails, the window can fall into the door or become jammed.

If the window regulator is no longer functional, the window will not go up and down as it should.

4. Bad Motor

The window regulator is powered by an electric motor. If this motor burns out or fails, the power windows will no longer work.

Some motors are built into the regulator, and others are separate from it, so you may need to replace the entire regulator.

5. Failed Power Window Switch

That button you press to operate the windows can live a pretty rough life. Not only is it constantly being pressed, but it’s also exposed to moisture when you get in or out of your car on a rainy day. Over time, the switch can fail and need to be replaced.

Sometimes, the switch can get dirty and gummed up, preventing it from working. In this case, simply cleaning the switch can make it work again.

6. Wiring Issues

There are inevitably going to be wires in the power window system, it is entirely electrical! The wiring in an older vehicle can become pinched at the door jamb, preventing current from reaching the power window system. While this issue is mostly solved on newer cars, other problems like corrosion, mice, and rain can cause wiring problems.

7. Door Damage

The window sits in a slot inside the door and is moved up and down by the regulator. If you have been in an accident or your door has become dented or bent, it could prevent the window from moving freely. If you start having issues with your power windows after a crash or fender bender, this could be the reason.

8. The Window Lock Is On

It may seem obvious, but sometimes the problem may not be a problem at all! Most vehicles have a button on the driver’s side to lock the power windows. If you accidentally bumped this button, the windows won’t work.

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