Why You Need to Fix Your AC System (4 Reasons)

Picture this: it’s a sweltering hot Arizona summer afternoon, and you get into your car to run some errands. The heat is almost unbearable outside the car, and inside it’s stifling. So, you crank the A/C to the max and start driving with the windows down. 

After a mile or so, you can’t detect the slightest change in the temperature on the inside. If anything, it’s just as hot as it was when you started it up, or even hotter! Worse, you feel the vents, which by this point are normally blowing ice-cold, and you are getting nothing but hot air. 

It’s not always instant. Maybe you’ve noticed a steady decline in the performance of your AC system over time, supplementing it by rolling the windows down. You wouldn’t be the first to do it. 

If you’ve noticed your air conditioning under performing, don’t put off a diagnosis and repair. A/C problems can ruin your summer driving experience and lower the value of your car. Sometimes, the underlying issue is not expensive to fix, either.  

Benefits of Functioning Vehicle Air Conditioning

Your Commutes are More Comfortable.

The main benefit in most people’s minds is that cool air will keep them comfortable, especially in a hot desert state. When you get in your car after it’s been sitting in the sun all day or if you get stuck in traffic, no A/C can make a bad situation even worse. That’s the main reason people take their car into a repair shop to fix refrigerant leaks and vents that blow warm air. This isn’t Canada; in the summer here, it’s hot!

“AC Blows Cold!”: The most common used-car tagline

Another big benefit of maintaining your car’s air conditioner is that it will preserve the value of your vehicle. How many times have you seen “AC blows cold!” in ads for used cars or trucks? That has to be the most overplayed selling point in the history of used cars. It’s almost as though sellers believe buyers care more about functioning HVAC and comfort than they do about the health of a vehicle’s transmission or engine.

And they may have a point because people do like to be comfortable. They also like protecting their assets, and the fact of the matter is that if you keep your car’s AC blowing cold, you’ll probably make that money back if you ever sell the car.

Defrosters require your AC system to work

Though you might be wondering about “auto AC repair near me,” because you’re concerned about summertime comfort, there is something else to consider here. A functioning HVAC system, specifically a vehicle’s air conditioner, can be a matter of safety.

Car’s use their air conditioning systems even in the winter months to defrost the windows. The air may be heated, yes, but the air conditioning system takes moisture out of the air before blowing it on the window so it can carry away moisture from the window, causing the fogging to evaporate. In the winter months, cars without air conditioning systems will struggle to clear their windshields and windows, which isn’t just inconveniencing, it’s dangerous.

It Might Not Break the Bank

Finally, there’s one more good reason to consider fixing your air conditioning system if it isn’t working as you’d like it to. You might be able to fix the issue much more easily than you’d expect. Sometimes all you need to do is recharge the refrigerant levels so that the compressor can work more effectively. Oftentimes, a performance check or visually inspecting the system will yield an easy, cost-effective fix. Recharge services are nothing next to replacing a compressor, but you won’t know what the issue is until you bring your car in for service.

Air conditioning repairs can be expensive, but they aren’t always. Bring your car in for service to know for sure.

Air Conditioning Repair at Borst Automotive

Next time your auto air conditioning system is starting to give you signs that it’s going downhill, take it in to see our ASE-certified technicians and let them solve the problem for you.

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