Picture this: it’s a sweltering hot Arizona summer afternoon, and you get into your car to run some errands. The heat is almost unbearable outside the car, and inside it’s stifling. So, you crank the A/C to the max and start driving with the windows down.  After a mile or so, you can’t detect the […]

When owning and operating a vehicle it’s very important to seek routine preventative maintenance for your car. Maintenance and repair on your vehicle are never avoidable and always inevitable, no matter how expensive or inconvenient it may be. Skipping out on taking proper care of your car could result in further damage to your car […]

Although it might just seem like a huge hassle, the reasons that you’re forced to periodically look up locations where you can get “emissions inspection near me,” are quite noble. Modern vehicles have components and systems that work together to ensure that the engine is working properly and that exhaust contains as few pollutants as […]

Even the least mechanically inclined among us will come to the realization that cars and other vehicles need routine care and maintenance, whether or not what that actually means is understood. Everyone knows that cars and trucks need fuel in order to operate. Likewise, whether you’ve ever done it yourself or not, you’re probably familiar […]

If you have ever thought of tire rotation as anything less than a routine service, think again. It may seem like a waste to spend money on getting your tires rotated, but trust us, it’s not.  A tire rotation entails removing your tires and changing their location on your vehicle; this way, all of your tires […]