Getting a wheel alignment might not cross your mind often unless you notice some significant changes behind the wheel. You might even go years without performing this service, or maybe you only have it done when you purchase new tires. It may be a small regular maintenance item, but a properly aligned vehicle will significantly […]

Every so often (hopefully less often than not) a car or truck will break down, you’ll need to get it towed to the shop, and you’ll listen in dismay as you learn you need a new engine, a significant repair to your transmission, or something even more expensive and involved. That is just part and […]

Getting your car inspected on a regular basis is one of the most important parts of vehicle ownership. Not only is it the law to keep up your vehicle, but your safety and the safety of others depend on it. Not to mention, neglecting the health of your car can be expensive as well. If […]

The brakes on your car work hard every time you go out for a spin, enabling you to stop safely and efficiently so you can get from point A to point B in one piece. However, brakes, like many other systems in your vehicle, will require periodic maintenance to ensure that they are operating as […]

Taking care of your car isn’t always easy. Whether it’s the age of your tires, the condition of your brakes, your oil, or even your suspension, there’s always something that needs attention if you want your vehicle to run safely and smoothly. One area that you can’t afford to overlook is emissions. If you have […]