Oil is the blood of your vehicle’s engine. Without it, friction and heat would lead to catastrophic failure. Modern motor oils are engineered to handle a range of temperatures, ensuring proper lubrication regardless of how hot or cold your engine is. But did you know that different types of oil are better suited to different […]

Replacing spark plugs is part of regular vehicle maintenance. On gasoline engines, spark plugs provide the spark needed for combustion, generating power, and allowing your vehicle to move. Along with other maintenance items like brake services, coolant flushes, and oil changes, regular spark plug changes are essential to keeping your car or truck running as […]

Getting your brake pads and rotors replaced is a part of responsible car ownership. New brake components ensure quick and predictable stops, keeping you and your passengers safe. Pads and rotors come into direct contact with one another, bringing your car to a stop. With so much heat and friction, they will inevitably wear out […]

Getting a wheel alignment might not cross your mind often unless you notice some significant changes behind the wheel. You might even go years without performing this service, or maybe you only have it done when you purchase new tires. It may be a small regular maintenance item, but a properly aligned vehicle will significantly […]