Oil is the blood of your vehicle’s engine. Without it, friction and heat would lead to catastrophic failure. Modern motor oils are engineered to handle a range of temperatures, ensuring proper lubrication regardless of how hot or cold your engine is. But did you know that different types of oil are better suited to different […]

Arizona is hot in the summer. Annually, Phoenix averages over 100 days where the temperature reaches over 100 degrees. This extreme heat makes many aspects of life difficult, and car maintenance is no exception. While air conditioning issues are perhaps the most common questions Arizonans have about their vehicles in the summer, the battery is […]

One of the perks of living in the southwest is warm weather and low precipitation year-round. We don’t see heavy snowfall or freezing temperatures like other areas of the country. If you live in the Phoenix or Tucson area, you probably don’t think too hard about tires. In areas that see harsh winters, snow tires […]

Replacing the cabin air filter is an often-overlooked maintenance item that can directly impact the quality of air coming through your vehicle’s vents. Regular cabin air filter replacement is especially important for drivers in Arizona, as our dry, dusty climate can quickly clog and reduce their effectiveness.  Our goal at Borst Automotive is to provide […]