Many different components work together to bring your car to a stop. Braking systems rely on hydraulic fluid running through the brake lines to transfer and amplify the force of your foot stepping on the pedal, increasing the clamping pressure of the caliper. Brakes live a demanding life. It’s not just the pads and rotors […]

If you are new to diesel vehicles, you are probably wondering whether or not they have different service requirements than their gasoline-powered counterparts. Due to the substantial differences in the way diesel engines operate, you will not only need to service your truck at different intervals but different components as well. If this sounds complicated, […]

If you’ve read our last blogs on oil weight and battery life, you might have caught on to a common theme. Arizona is a harsh environment for a car, and components wear out much faster here than in other parts of the country. The driving factor behind premature wear and tear is heat. Vehicle operation […]

Your vehicle is a complex array of mechanical and electrical components working together while you drive. Computer modules control nearly all mechanical parts of modern vehicles (engine, drivetrain, transmission, etc.). Control modules monitor and dictate different values, allowing the car to run correctly. Your vehicle contains many control modules, but when it comes to the […]

Almost all modern vehicles have power windows. Many may remember reaching for the handle and manually cranking down the windows. Most would agree that power windows are a convenience, but they are much more complicated than their manual crank counterparts. Being entirely electric, power windows have a lot of components. More components mean more potential […]